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We interview our new captain

Date: 26th of October 2021
Authors: Mathilde and Lilli
Position: Between Lisbon and the Canary islands
Geographical position: 38° 38.2 N 009° 24.9 W
Etmal: 20 NM (in total: 1751 NM)

Today we interviewed our new captain, Chris Phillips, who joined us in Lisbon last Sunday, the 24th of october, because aside from leaving port to head toward the canary islands, nothing worth writing a regular daily report about happened.
Chris was born in England, but now lives in Seil in Scottland. We had a very good talk with him.

  1. How long have you been sailing?
    All my life. My parents met in a sailing club and the first recorded time of me being on a ship was when I was a baby.
  2. When was your first time on a tall ship and on which ship?
    When I was twenty, I paid to go aboard the Malcom Miller as a trainee. I actually went back there several times afterwards.
  3. When did you first sail on the Pelican?
    Last year in November.
  4. What is the reason you came back this year?
    Because I enjoyed it.
  5. What is your favourite place on the ship?
    My bunker for sleeping or anywhere on deck in the sunshine.
  6. From 1-10 how comfortable is your bunk?
    8,5 because it could be a little longer.
  7. What is your favourite sail and why?
    The main topsail because it’s the one that always keeps the ship going.
  8. What was the most beautiful place you have sailed to?
    The Antarctic or the fiji islands.
  9. What was your favourite trip on a tall ship?
    The one to the Antarctic or around Cape Horn.
  10. Who from our current crew have you known the longest and where did you first meet?
    This might surprise you, because he’s one of our youngest crew members, but I first met Matt (our second officer) in 2016 on a trip on the Pacific.
  11. Can you name us one surprising fact about the Pelican?
    There are many- for one, she can brace sharper than any other tall ship in existence, so theoretically we could sail very close to the wind.
  12. Do you love being a captain?
    Yes, otherwise I woudn’t do it.

We thank Captain Chris for his time and are excited to do the atlantic crossing.

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