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Weekly reflection

Date: March 15th 2020
Author: Lilly
Nautical Position: 30°12.7 N/ 40°07.5W
Geographical Position: North Atlantic
Etmal: 131nm

Lilly at her weekly reflectionon a sailing ship

Since today is Sunday and I got into the habit of doing a weekly reflection, I will collect some of my special moments of last week.


12 o’clock midnight and showtime for Red Watch B chorus, who had practiced the whole watch to perform a variety of birthday songs as a kanon to Angelina next to her bed.

Yeah, for a second we felt slightly guilty for interrupting her sleep, but that feeling didn’t last too long. You won’t get a private birthday performance every year!


I’ll keep that day in mind as a proper chill day.

After some exhausting days with over 30 knots of wind, wearing as many layers clothing as possible on watch and a starboard heeling, that constantly made me roll out of bed, the wind over night had dropped down to 0.0 knots.

There wasn’t a single wind wave, the sun was shining and the ocean was as flat as a mirror all just stunnigly beautiful.

Let it be fortune or not, but just that day our engine didn’t work and we made a speed of incredible 0.3 knots! At least I got a good afternoon sleep, snoozing like a baby.

Also, I remember being absolutely relieved to be able to sit outside again, as I nearly started feeling claustrophobic having to be inside the ship all the time.


Luckily, Bruce had managed to fix the enigne, as there was still not a single breeze of wind. Anyway, from that day I still have the picture in my head with a bunch of humans, me included, hanging over the side of the ship, being hilarously exctited about seeing those glowing jellyfish.

We even got to catch one, looked a bit like a shrinked cucumber, hell- they are so cool! I’ve never been so excited about seeing some fish.

Our Red Watch midnight snack that day was also quite memorable, not going too much into detail, but frozen lemons with sugar on top is worth staying up late after watch!


Big thank you to Angelina, who was patient enough to let me try different hairstyles on her, I thought they weren’t too bad for my first attempts.

Lemoncake. We had lemoncake that day. I love Abbies lemon cake.


Wohoo, we broke the 10.000 miles! Celebrated with playing some games such as Twister on the welldeck followed by a proper pillow fight (PFC don’t talk about it!).

We were allowed barefoot the whole afternoon, it was a little cold for our feet , but no one wanted to miss out on such a rare opportunity. In the evening we rigged the Stormtrisail on the welldeck and watched “Moana” all together with the stars above our heads.


Oh yeah, morning watch 08:00 to 12:30 can be very, very long. So Red Watch decided to start a new project. No more singing as a chorus, now we will be working properly sanding the wheel!

Gonna take a long time, but heyho in the end it will look amazing. That’s our plan at least. We kept sanding for about two hours, while singing our new favourite shanty “Whisky Johnny”. The line with the duck and the river is just hilarous.

Two cookies a day keeps the doctor away. One before and one after watch and motivation and energy will be guaranteed. So far so good. However, without our usual black tea round for the whole watch at around nine o’clock, I’d seriously struggle to stay awake. Long live black tea.


More helm sanding! It is starting to look quite good actually, even though we might have underestimated the expansion of our little project. Doesn’t matter, we’ll keep going. And we also have a couple of days left until the Azores.

Just one last thing.

If you get the chance to watch a sunset, a moonrise or the stars in the sky, do it!

PS von Lea: Alles, alles Gute zum Burzerltag Chiara!!! Ich denk an dich und hab dich lieb.

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