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Welcome to Funfair Pelicano

Date: 30.03.2023
Author: Hanna
Position: North Atlantic/ Spanish Coast
Nautical Position: 43° 37´5 N 009° 58`6 W
Total Distance: 13132NM
Ship: Pelican of London

Welcome to funfair Pelicano. Immerse into a different world and have the most unique and best experience of your live. You wanna have action, adventure, some strangeness or just relaxation? Then you are absolutely right here.

Action and Adventure

Our biggest action attraction is the white-water-roller-coaster: The bowsprit. Here you can experience the waves in the best way. We recommend to wear shorts in warmer regions and better waterproofs in colder regions, especially when you are more on the back of the bowsprit and we are motoring. Then you WILL get wet if the waves are strong. But it’s definitely worth it: You have this nice tingle in your belly and fly over the waves. Sometimes you have the honour that dolphins call in and show you a part of our ocean world. Also, very funny is the deck-slide on the bridge. With lots of heeling you zoom across the wooden planks! Quite similar to this are the galley and green mile – ice rinks: For the best slide you need gumboots and a little bit of water or spilled (dish washing) soap. If you want to come back to the start for a new slide, you have to wait for the ship heeling to the other side and then you have to run… oh, I mean WALK WITH A PURPOSE and grab a stopper.

For those who like the heights we have a phenomenal climbing park. The different levels between sea state, height and stability make the unforgettable experience possible for everybody. To ensure a safe way for climbing you should climb up and down on the windward side. So it’s also easier to climb up the skews to the platforms. You can choose between three different paths – on the middle one you will find the highstes point with 30 meters. Our special offer is the sunset watching from the Topsail platform and the Nightclimbing, which is easier than you think.


We have a big offer for relaxing things and classes in different subjects. Our hotel is in great demand: There are shared rooms with bathrooms and a cleaning services for them every day. If your clothes get dirty or salty we can fix this problem in our own laundrette where we have a brand new washing machine and tumble dryer. Air-drying is also possible: On sunny days on the deck and when weather is not that good you have the opportunity to hang up your stuff in the engineroom, where it gets a special fragrance. In its own sauna you can sit back and relax. The best place for this are cabins 6 to 9 and if you want it really hot, you should visit it in the Carribbean. For afterwards we recommend the outdoor shower on the well deck which refreshes you and is good for your health.

For your mental health and also your body we have a wonderful yoga class every afternoon. It includes special balance training and breathing techniques. You want to go for a swim? No problem: Around the park there is quite a big pool with a wave machine. Depending on region and weather you have different temperatures and nature. It is connected to our ocean world where you can experience the marine wildlife right in front of your eyes. If whales, dolphins, flying fish, birds, octopodes and much more. In heavy weather you can also join our dolphin feeding. The small restaurant (with outdoor space) is very international: Whether english, irish, polish, asian or german, we have everything. The food is diverse and our lovely cook Shell will make you smile. In starlit nights our planetarium is open. Not only are you able to see the stars in the sky but also in the waves which is formidable! The star and planet constellations inspire our Oracle Anna, who will tell you your future. We really recommend the informative and special astronomy classes but they are rare, so you should join in when there is one.

Strange(r) Things

The strange thing about this park is, that it’s all like a crooked-house: You’ll get a new perspective. Everything is different: Eating, sleeping, walking, peeing…just everything. Especially the sleeping situation is quite funny, because you can stand while you’re asleep and have to change the sleeping position – otherwise it could happen that you sleep upside down.

Have lots of fun and remember: One hand for yourself and one hand for the ship! We are very glad to welcome you in the funfair Pelicano!


Capitano Caro: Handover over, ship still afloat. Lovely weather today, Beaufort 9, enjoyed the calm ocean and the blazing sunshine. Love you family and the Schuschu. Jeezy peeps.

Hanna: We talked again about food and I recognised, that I completely forgot Leberkäs on my list! I hope you are all very well and have (not) such wonderful weather as Caro explained. Helming was quite funny – especially with the waves coming over the bridge! I’m looking forward to seeing you all in Amsterdam and at home! Lovely greetings to family, friends and everybody else who reads this 🙂

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