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Welcome to Paradise

Date: 10.12.2018
Author: Felix
Position: Carribbean, Bequia
Geographical Position:  13°00 N,61°14 W
Etmal: 0 NM (total: 5003 NM)

We started our first full day in Bequia with a pick up tour to see some other parts of the island. Twelve of us were sitting in three open “taxis“. We drove to a turtle sanctuary at the Atlantic ward side of the island. But before we get there, we made a stop at Spring Bay which was a beautiful place to be.

We didn’t swim there but the water looked great and gave us this Carribean feeling, why we’re here. Turquoise water, green hills, white sand… To complete the Carribean dream beach, we found coconuts everywhere and tried to open them using different tactics. Some beat them so long on a stone so they cracked, others tried it with their knives. However you‘ve done it, in the end all of them just tasted amazing.

Our next stop was than the turtle sanctuary. Mr. King, an old Bequian fisherman, built the sanctuary 23 years ago for turtles who are not strong enough to help to save an endangered species. In wildlife, only one of three thousand survives and many of the grown up turtles are still killed by humans. So, having hatched almost one thousand of them in the sanctuary and then set free, does make an impact.

We got an interesting tour by Mr. King himself and saw turtles from tiny ones who just came out of their eggs to eight year olds just before Mr. King and his crew release them. After we were done there we went back to Admirality Bay, where we are at anchor and walked a little through the small but beautiful town of Port Elizabeth. Along the bay hiding between the rocks, we came to a nice beach which was bigger than the one from the morning.

Here, we had lunch and went swimming in the cristal-clear water. It was refreshing but not too, actually quite warm but not too warm… yes, perfect is just the right word for it! The rest of the day was filled with freetime which my group spend eating ice cream, buying some bread and letting some cables from Bequias Wifi-routers glow 🙂

P.S.: Robert and Lizzy yesterday. Who is it today? „With always an eye on his environment, he is a very good friend. He is nice and helpful and loves to photograph. He has brown hair, at the Mid Atlantic Ball he wore an awesome tie and has probably the most blue eyes on the Pelican. // She has persistently shown qualities of a good watch leader, which benefits her watch greatly. Even though she lives in a room with the teachers, she has perfectly integrated herself into the group.“

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