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Welcome to Vigo

Date: 3rd of November 2022
Author: Philip C.
Etmal: 1206
Position: Vigo
Nautical Position: 42°14’360 N / 84°37’60W

Student of the Pelican of London


Vigo is one of the biggest and most well-known stops of Ocean College. It is close to Santiago de Compostela. But barely anybody knows its history. So, here are some facts about Vigo. Vigo is a city located in Spain in the province of Pontevedra and has 295.364 citizens. The town was founded by the Romans. Between the 10th and 14th century the city was attacked by Moors und Normans and lost a lot of citizens to the plague. After acquiring the rights of a city in the year 1529, Vigo’s population recovered. In the same century, Francis Drake and a British and Dutch fleet attacked Vigo. Napoleon’s army occupied the city for some months during WWII. Vigo was a base for German submarines.

Arrival to Vigo

Today was our first day in Vigo after six lumpy days at sea. Because it is too dangerous to sail into the port at night, we anchored at 2am in front of Vigo. And at 9am we moored in its harbour. It was a little bit difficult to tie up the gangway and at low tide so it turns into the ship’s own steep climbing wall.

Pelican in the harbour of Vigo

The Day

Because of the difficult last week we had a whole day on shore leave where almost everyone bought a ton of sweets and snacks, ate in restaurants and was happy to be back on land, while Spanish authorities checked the safety equipment and the paper stuff. In the evening we got our mobile phones for an hour. 
Best regards

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