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Elly auf dem Schiff

We’ll wish we could come back to these days, these days, these days”

Date: 27.03.2019
Author: Elly
Position: North Atlantic
Nautical Position: 35° 20.0‘ N 44° 22.3‘ W
Etmal: 11011NM 

It is the 27th of march, eight o’clock and 55 minutes. And these song lyrics are stuck in my head. The day wasn’t special, it was like the most days at sea, back to routine. And now, writing this daily report I think this day is quite boring to write about. But: We’ll wish we could come back to these days, these days, these days. 

The day started similar to all previous days with sleeping through the breakfast time and then worrying about coming late to school. I can’t remember anymore what we did in school (sorry, teachers).

There was couscous for lunch. With curry from yesterday. After lunch, the meeting as always and then there are thirty minutes wich are missing somehow. We had lots of fun during these thirty minutes but I can’t tell you about it. You know the rules. 

After that, I went to Ben to get the Pelican-stamp for the first level of our training booklet. Then I had two hours until my watch started. During these hours I visited the watch on deck, charged my laptop, wrote my diary and listened to music (see how busy I was).

During my watch I began to learn the morse code (is it also called morse in english?). Lizzy, who is sitting next to me at this moment, had the brilliant idea to write the text in morse. I reduced it to only a paragraph.  So here it is:

_. ___ _ …. .. _. __. / … p . _._. .. ._ ._.. / …. ._ pp . _. . _.. / _.. ur .. _. __. / _ …. . / w ._ _ _._. …. 
w . / _… r ___ u __. …. _ / _ …. . / .._. ___ r . … ._ .. ._.. … / _ ___ / _ …. . / ___ _ …. . r / … .. _.. . / ._ _. _.. / w . / _._. . _. _ . r . _.. / _ …. . / … p ._ _. _._ . r/

Don’t think too long about the ‘real’ letters in the previous paragraph, the reason for these disturbances is that I only learned the first thirteen letters today, more will follow tomorrow!

Then I will be able to replace all the ‘ps’, ‘us’, ‘ws’ and ‘rs’. That’s the good thing about being at sea for such a long time. In general, the North Atlantik leg is much gentler than we expected it to be.

Okay, Lizzy wants me to write that it was so cold that she got out her wollen beanie. Marlen’s comment: ‘She already wears her beanie for weeks’.

Maybe the Atlantic is not as gentle as the Caribbean. But at the moment the swell is nice and low, we have six to eight knots of wind to the wrong direction but our engine pushes us with good seven knots towards the Azores: Our last stop…

I know that we should enjoy the last part of the journey but at the moment our thoughts are directed at home quite often…

Although I am really looking forward to our arrival, this song text just don’t want to get out of my head. I think that is how it will be when we are back home.

We will miss the shanty evenings with Pete (by the way, we had one tonight), the pineapple cake (wich we had after the shanties) but I guess we will even miss the first minutes after waking up at four o’clock in the morning (!), we will miss those first days back at sea where everyone is seasick again, we will miss the happy hour on Sundays and we will miss pulling ropes in the pouring rain.

Actually, I wanted to end the daily report at this point but Christin is sitting next to me, dropping her laptop on Lizzy’s toes for the THIRD TIME now and…all the nice ending-melancholy is gone. Sorry for that. Complaints to Christin, please.

PS: Here is the translation of the morse text: 
Nothing special happened during our watch. We brought the foresails to the other side and we centred the Spanker.

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