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What was going on in and on my head

Date: 15.11.2020
Author: Janek
Position: Teneriffa, Santa Cruz
Nautical Position: 029° 39,7 N ;015° 54,1 W
Etmal: 0 nm (Total: 2898 nm)

The first big reflection

Today there was the first big reflection. On the journey we will have three big reflections. The first one we have in Tenerife. The second big reflection is on the first Atlantic crossing and the third is on the second Atlantic crossing. The reflection started at 1500 and it was finished at 1600 shipstime. We were allowed to move everywhere on the ship and the jetty. There were five questions in our Ocean College book:

Question 1.:
Which person is an idol for you? Why? What impresses you about this person?

Question 2.:
What are your three biggest strenghts?

Question 3.:
Imagine you would be the best version of yourself – without the bad days, all little bad details which we don´t like and all the characteristics you wish to have, how would this version of you look like?

Question 4.:
Identify two characteristics of yourself, which stop you from being the best version of yourself.

Question 5.:
Identify two characteristics, you could gain or work on to be the best version of yourself.

The new haircut

In the evening two of us students decided to cut off our hair. The first one was Julius P. (Julius hates his hair now) and the second one was myself (I like my new hair). Julius decided to cut his hair off because some people had hair lice and and he thought about this idea already before this journey. I decided to cut my hair off because I thought it is funny. The good thing about cutting your hair off is that washing your hair is very fast and you are hair lice proof. The bad thing about cutting your hair off is that you have to put sunscreen in your hair and that you look a little bit like a prisoner.



Today at school we had Biology with our teacher Sven. We lerned something about the ecosystem- Ocean. For example we watched a video about the Deep Sea. Also we made an mindmap about the theme ecosystem-Ocean and we lernt some circulations, for example the nitrogen circulation or the water circulation. After that we had time to work on our own things from school.

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