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Who lives on board?

Date: 29.01.2021
Author: Silja
Position: Anchoring next to the Panama canal
Nautical Position: 07°19.4 N ; 079°45.6 W
No blocked toilets: 56 days
Hello everybody! Today I will introduce you one of our students on board. He is a very, very lovely person. Some people say, he is the hottest guy on the ship. Others say, he has the greatest humour. And others say, he is the best person to speak to. But make your own mind up about him. Then you can see on your own, what a nice person he is.

Groupmeeting at Ocean College

I speak about Karun. His nicknames are: Runi, Karünchen, Kruni, (K)Runibär, Nova Karun, Matsi Fratzi, Karuni, Uschi Urwald, Kai Uwe, Kairun, Canrun and Kai Klobrille. I know, lots of crazy nicknames. But I think, it is one of his qualities, that we like so much: variety.

Karun and Sophia at the ropes

He is 16 years old, or 791 years, we are not sure about this. He is not the tallest tree in the forest, with his 1,65 meters, but it is perfect to cuddle with him. He loves to wear clothes, which are: neon, flashy, crazy and have his own style. But the whole time it has to look perfect, smart and trendy.
Runi has many hobbies: He is in a choir and they won the German Choir competition. His choir is called “Ulmerspatzen”. He plays cello and piano and is in a circus. In the circus he does balance, for example walk on balls or on a very small rope. He also does air acrobatics. So he does all circus things where you are not touching the ground. And last but not least he is an acrobat.

Karun and Silja in the kitchen

After school he is not sure, what he wants to be. But he wants to do something in the social orientation, something with medicine (maybe a doctor), or something where he uses his hands. He loves the idea to be a fashion designer. And by the way, his favourite colours are from baby pink to baby blue. Travelling is also a big dream of him. He wants to visit all big fashion cities and all capitals, he has in his head.

Karun and Sophia

Runi lives with his family in Ulm, that is in the south of Germany. He has a small sister, who is very cute. His birthplace is in Nepal, Kathmandu. Every year there is a meeting, with all the other adopted teens from the same childrens home. He really likes this. And they support the orphanage, where he came from.
Isn’t he beautiful? On the picture you can not see it so good, but he has a very happy, joyful expression in his face and much positive energy, which is going over to all of us.
Now, I hope you like Karuni as much as I and the whole ship do. He is such a special, good person who you only can love.

Karun eating Cake

And before I forgot it, he wants to send a big hello to his family, friends, classmates, Coole Egge, to his Circus club, Wicherle, to all from the Nepaltreff and all the people he likes.” Only 2 more months, than I´m back. I love you all and miss you very much!”
And than from me (Silja): Mami, Skipp( Dipsi), Yago, Darka and Marie I love you. Send big hugs and kisses from the other side of the world. And Hanna I love you and I haven´t forgotten you. Really, in every minute, in every free second I think of you. Big hugs and kisses.
Till very soon, Silja

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