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Schülerin Helena

With teamwork through heavy seas

Date: 08.04.2019
Author: Helena
Position: Under way to the English Channel
Nautical Position: 48° 21.7 N; 25° 59.1 W
Etmal: (total) 12289 nm

When I got up for watch at midnight, there were still people awake and in the mess. After being in blue watch from 4:00 to 8:00 o´clock in the morning for the last weeks, it is pretty cool to talk to somebody while putting on my six layers.

Anyhow, we sent our company Penelope to bed soon, because she’s in the watch after us and only gets about two hours of sleep every night. As Felix, Basti, Lizzy, Theresa and I climbed up the stairs to the poop deck, we didn’t know what the watch will bring us yet.

It already started brilliantly. Because we had one corner of the mess room constantly filling up with water*, one person of the duty watch needed to sit in the warm and bright room to mop the water into a bucket.

This is my favourite job until now. Felix said, he feels like a gondola skipper in Venice – awesome 🙂

First, I was at the helm, afterwards I mopped in the mess and as I went up to the poop deck again, it was like entering another world. Cold, stormy and water coming from everywhere.

Around 2:30 o’clock we even had to wake up Ben, because we spotted a really strong squall on the radar. As a consequence, we handed the trisail and sat on it for about ten minutes, such that it wouldn’t fly away.

Additionally, it was raining heavily and the Pelican was heeling around 40° constantly. However, we all had a lot of fun, at least I did.

After this struggle, Basti and I were allowed to get ourselves a tea. But because of safety issues, the galley door was closed, so we needed to use the small water boiler in the saloon. I slid through the whole saloon and pulled the water boiler, a wooden box and Basti with me, until we had finally managed to put some water in it. But finally we had our tea.

At 3:30 o’clock I woke up blue watch and mopped afterwards again. Pure luck that I was inside at that point in time, because a few minutes later Penelope came in, wet to the bones, although she was wearing eight layers.

While working on the weather deck, she was caught in a wave. When my watch went down to bed, I had no more gloves, pullover, jacket, scarf, shoes and oilskin anymore and Theresa only wore her underwear and her pullover. But Penelope must have had a warm watch.

My sleep was better than yesterday, but still not really good. Luckily, Tabea was so kind to allow me to sleep in her bed as soon as she was awake, because her bed is more comfortable with this heeling.

I slept the whole morning and was only woken up for lunch – hoppla. I hope my sleeping rhythm will change again at home 🙂

During the day it was the same procedure that we developed since we left the Azores. Everybody was sitting in the mess, writing diary and letters to each other and the rest was sleeping, reading or watching movies.

Now everybody has eaten dinner and I am sitting in the mess, while Theresa’s looking critical over my shoulder 😉

“No I am not! I’m looking really friendly!”, said Theresa.

All in all it sounds like we are very lazy, but showering, going to the toilet, eating and sleeping is already really exhausting. It is like we are doing extreme sports. 

No matter how tired I sometimes am and how difficult it is to cook in these circumstances (thanks to Tabi, who is the cook in these stormy days – the food is awesome), I have enjoyed the last days and can’t wait to see all the families for our arrival.

Let’s see what the next night watches will bring 🙂

Mama, Papa, Simon, Hanna, Moma, Opa und Rocco: auf euch freue ich mich ganz besonders! Ich kann es kaum erwarten eure Gesichter endlich wiederzusehen. Na hoffentlich erkennen wir uns noch, was? 🙂
Grüßt in den letzen Tagen nochmal alle meine Freunde, wenn ihr sie zufällig seht. An Sonja in Frankfurt auch ganz liebe Grüße, ich hoffe du liest das. Wenn ja, dann grüß gerne deine Eltern von mir.
Ich drück euch alle ganz ganz fest, euer Lenchen

P.S. von Rene: An meine Familie: Bitte bringt noch eine extra Tasche mit, ich kriege bestimmt nicht alles wieder so dort rein.

P.P.S. von Johannes: Liebe Julia, alles Liebe zu deinem Geburtstag! Vielleicht bin ich nächstes Jahr wieder einmal zuhause und wir können gemeinsam feiern 🙂 Ich hoffe, du hattest einen schönen Tag!

*Wir haben kein Leck im Schiff! Wegen der starken Schräglage der Pelican läuft Wasser aus dem Frischwassertank aus, welches aufgewischt werden muss. (Anm. Johan)

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