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A day with Sinan

Date: 29.10.2018

Author: Sinan

Position: Southwest of Cabo de sāo vicence

Geographical Position: 36° 20 N, 10° 12 W

Etmal: NM (total): 1209

This morning I was woken up like three times, but because of seasickness I wasn`t able to get up.

After breakfast half of the group had their first school lessons while I had watch from eight till twelve o`clock which is by the way the best watch (red watch B). After four exhausting hours of watch together with a few friends we were enjoying our lunch on the weatherdeck.

While we were playing Werwolf, blue watch had to clean every shower and toilet. Half an hour before my first lesson began, we had the meeting we were all waiting for.

Ben announced where we are heading after a few days not knowing which harbour we are steering at or when we will arrive.



A few students were already guessing that we are going towards Africa but they weren’t sure. At 14:00 I had my first school lessons where we introduced ourselves in front of the class and got our timetables for the next weeks. During class nobody could concentrate because most of the students were seasick.

At the moment we are sitting in the mess writing our diarys and I am writing the daily report (in English).

PS. Greetings from Helena to her family and happy birthday to my mom *Küsschen*

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