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A whole day in the not swinging Vigo

Date: 23.10.2018

Author: Nele

Position: Hafen von Vigo

Nautical Position: 42°14.385N 8°43.858W


Totally trainy Tuesday: After a gorgeous night in Vigo some sporty people, exactly Christin, Lizzy, Marlen, Theresa, Fabian and I were running.

At 6 o`clock we woke up for 45 minutes running through a pretty ugly part of Vigo, on our map we couldn`t expect that the whole way was along the mainstreet, against our imagination to run along the beach. But because of all this it was a awesome feeling to work and power out after a pretty long time without any kind of sport on the Pelican.

After that wonderful start in the day I continued with my galley duty, the onions got me quickly to cry, so I tested the special trick: Wearing divinggoogles, of course with snorkel 

Some tears later I had a really entertaining break: Kira R. and Sophie washed Marlens hair on deck with two buckets full of seawater (including the „Kotzeimer“), a real attraction for the tourists around the ship.

Speaking of sightseeing after lunch we had the first time open ship on the Pelican of London. That means that we open our ship to people, so that they could take a look around the deck and some of us explained them the concept of Ocean College (you should know that a traditional sailing ship in any port is a real attraction).

Nils and Poldi even walked through whole Vigo with some advertisement and slogans to find some locals interested in seeing the ship, until the police stopped their action. Ups!

The rest of this sunny afternoon we had some time in Vigo and with our mobile phones. It`s really shocking how much time we spent in front of these little displays, but also a privilege to have some contact to our family and friends. After checking the whole messages, Kira R., Sophie and I ate some spanish traditional Churros con chocolate.

Afterwards we went to Burger King and got there some drinks because of the chlorinated water on bord. It was so expensive that Sophie and I stood ten minutes in front of the non refill station trying out different drinks.

Now I`m sitting in cabine seven and while I write this daily report Lizzy is cleaning the mess of the overfloating bathroom.

Lots of sunny greetings to my freezing family and friends in Germany.

PS: Fabian: Dear mum, lovely greetings to your birthday! Eat a piece of cake for me. Unfortunately I can‘t celebrate with you. I miss you.

PPS: Greeting from our travel mascot Schwabi (follow him on Instagram: schwabitravels)

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