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Adios Vigo, amigo!

Date: 25.10.2018

Author: Elisa

Position: Isla cíes

Geographical Position: 42° 13.228 N, 8° 53.617 W

This morning when I was woken up

I went upstairs to join the breakfast club

It was Peers 18th birthday today

So all we shouted was: „Hip hip hurray“

Michael told us what had to be done

And all we thought was: „Run, Forrest, run!“

Blue watch was cleaning heads and showers

And today it didn’t even take us hours

White watch was cleaning the mess

The time it took them was even less

Red watch was cleaning the whole deck

And then captain Ben came to check

As I said our first thoughts were run

But it actually was really fun

When we left Vigo it was windy and cold

We set sails for Islands with sand of gold

Now as we won’t go back to Vigo

We can say: „Adios amigo!“

On the Island Cíes we were placed

Wearing our new t-shirts „Stop Micro Waste“

While we were hiking around

We couldn’t hear one human sound

The fog that was mist before

Got thicker and thicker and went ashore

The view from the lighthouse was great

But us climbing around the rocks made our teachers afraid

As we can‘t go to a normal gym

We decided to go for a swim

The water was cold and we screamed out loud

But in the end we all were very proud

The nature was magic and it felt like a dream

And for desert today we had birthday cake with cream

After having had many meetings

I want to send out a lot of greetings

Hello to my brothers Salomon, Ruben and Julian

And of course hello to my parents Nicole and Adrian




Thanks to all the people who helped me today

Writing this daily report in a different way

A special thank you to Sophie who helped me a lot

So when we are back home I`ll get her a free (with no chlorine added) water shot.

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