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Arrival on Tenerife, accompanied by whales and dolphins

Date: 08.11.2018

Author: Marlen

Position: Santa Cruz

Geographical Position: 28°27.8 N 16°14.6 W

Etmal: 109 NM (total: 1964 NM)

„You overslept the breakfast and class starts in ten minutes“, these were the first words I heard this morning. 
Thank God, Sophie woke me up for school, because others weren’t, which led to them being late. That’s why the science class started a bit later than usual and also because it’s Theresa’s birthday and we sang for her.

In the break between Science and Spanish class, Sophie and I enjoyed our second (my first) breakfast. While watching dolphins and whales in front of the coast of Tenerife, we ate the bread we bought in the small bakery in Graciosa with some jam on it. 
It was such an amazing unique moment not only because the sun was shining bright but also because we had a small break from school and a view to the relaxed dolphins. 

Following that, I had my first Spanish lessons ever. Ronja was our teacher and taught us the first words. I enjoyed the lesson, but it was difficult, because some words were similar to the french ones and I mixed them up. 

During the Spanish class we had a man over board drill, that was a bit more interesting, that’s why we were a little bit distracted. Sammo was hanging from the ship, looking like Tarzan, while he was trying to catch the buoy.

Between class and watch was lunch and there was nearly no time to put on my harness, my sunscreen and my sun glasses. I went up to the poop deck and wondered, why we are driving in circles and didn’t enter the port. Anousch, our second mate, and I talked about that, but she was so amazed to arrive in Tenerife, because her parents are coming to visit.

Ben, our captain, asked me to take over the helm to drive into the port. Nedless to say, I couldn’t refuse his offer. Like Jack Sparrow, sorry Captain Jack Sparrow , I manoeuvred the Pelican next to the Thor Heyerdahl, which is the Ship of „Klassenzimmer unter Segeln“ (KUS). 

All of us were really excited to meet the guys, who are doing the same crazy voyage as we are, but the ship was empty and no one was there. So we had no other choice than cleaning up our ship. Unfortunately, I squeezed my finger while building up the gangway. 

In some ways it was a blessing, because of that I didn’t have to clean. Lizzy (she has galley duty, so she also didn’t have to clean the deck) and I sat on the bikini deck and sang Christmas songs.

In six weeks is Christmas, so we thought it was okay to sing, but Michael disagreed. That’s why he started to splash water at Anousch (she also sang with us) with the fire hose. Our „water party“ ended with Peer being completly wet, because he accidentally gave Sammo a shower. 
It was so funny to watch and with the sun the clothes dried quickly. 

When everything was clean, I sat down into the sunshine and prepared my presentation. I have to present it in less than a week! And there is still a lot to do. I got released from that, because it was time for dinner. 

Ben was responsible for the dinner, since our cook was shopping for the Atlantic crossing. He did his job very well, but I think more practice would be fine, so he should be doing it more often and release some students from galley duty. 

Although, the dinner was interrupted by the arrival of the kids from KUS. We all finished our dinner as quick as we could to talk to them. As we walked over to them it felt like we were a big team although we are just for four weeks together. Most of us wore the Teamwear clothes and because I just had a warm pullover Kiki (Kira R.) borrowed me her t-shirt. 

We talked with the KUS guys for a long time but then Ben came with his funny, selfmade hat „kiss the cook“ to bring us back. When we arrived at the Pelican we felt like „lucky mushrooms“ (my best translation ever) that we are traveling with the organisation Ocean College. 

We like our Ship, our Crew, our Heads and our Team. We all agree that for us Ocean College was the right decision. The day ended with Theresas birthday cake and now we sit in our Cabin (number seven – the best cabin) and write the daily report together.

Special thanks to Kiki and Sophie for writing the report with me and for helping me with the language.

Greetings to my parents, my sister and the rest of my family. Not to forget: greetings to my friends. I hope you read it!

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