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Between pans and pots

Date: 19.10.18

Author: Lizzy

Position: somewhere in bay biscay

Nautical Position: 47´57.804N 8´22.253W

I was a bit jealous when I heard the reports of my watch‘s last nightwatch. The other watch members painted a surreal picture: Dolphins followed the ship for a long while, riding the waves, leaving trails of green lights in the water. The stars were reflected in the dark waters, shining lights that completed that carpet of glitter.

But, as hinted above, I wasn’t there when that happened. The reason: I was on galley duty today. That means you have to help the cook in the galley (= kitchen) all day and therefore get to sleep through the night. I think everybody can imagine that it is hard to cook for 42 people, but I never would have thought that it is that hard.

After cutting nearly 5000 beans and peeling 15 onions (happy to have shower day today!), Justus, who was also on galley duty, and I realised that the job of the cook is probably one of the hardest on the ship.

But we still had fun causing heaps of chaos trying to turn the vegetables by throwing and catching them with the pan. Or trying to bake a cake while staggering from one end of the galley to the other, being thrown off course with every wave. Believe me, there was not only flour in that cake…

But fortunately we have our wonderful cook, who manages all of this stuff. Even after we had washed up the last dirty dishes of the day (on board we have – who would have thought that – no dishwasher) she was still busy decorating the birthday cake for Renes Birthday Party this evening… In this moment I felt the highest respect for her. 

P.s.: Sorry for reporting that late, I was too tired to write anything down on this day.

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