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Date: 17.10.18

Author: Nick

Position: near to Rosslare

Nautical Position: 52° 15.978’ N, 6° 20.015’ W

Etmal: 0

Dear Pelican of London,

Thank you for the great view we had today when we were climbing on your mizzen (mainmast) and the big red jellyfishes we saw. We also have to thank you for the first dolphins that some of us could see during their watch at night.

We know that it was our job to look out for things that could hurt you but we couldn´t see the fisherbouy at night and in the end it wasn´t our fault that the fishingnet stopped you from moving. We really hope that the divers who release you from your pain will arrive soon so we can continue our journey with you to a warmer climate.

For apologize we cleaned your out- and inside, we hope you feel a bit better now. While waiting, at least, some of us had some time to talk about school with our very kind and capable teachers and learn some more about sailing from our Bosun Sammo. He showed us the different parts of a sail based on a very tidy and detailed drawing.

Tomorrow we are going to make an excursion to Wexford, a small village near to Rosslare.

Felix will report about that tomorrow in german.

P.S.: Liebe Geburtstagsgrüße an Franzi! 

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