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Getting ashore & lots of discussions

Date: 06.11.2018

Author: Kira R.

Position: Isla de la Graciosa

Geographical Position: 29°12,716N, 13°32,109 W

Etmal: NM (total): 0 NM (total:1791 NM

Loving Galley Duty, 
I apparently woke up around midnight, turned on the lights and wanted to go upstairs into the galley until Helena told me that I’m way to early and that the 6 to 8 watch is going to wake me up. 

The funny thing is, that I couldn’t remember a single thing in the morning. Unfortunately, I couldn’t take part in the school lessons because Elly, Elisa and me were preparing chicken for dinner. 

After the cook showed me what parts of the chicken are to cut away I followed her instructions. I finished in the moment she was not in the kitchen, so Elisa and I (apparently still a bit sleepy) decided to throw away the small parts cut away. 

When we found out, that they were still needed for the next day, it was too late, because they were already in the garbage :/
Thankfully, our cook has a lot of humour, told us not to worry and had already a plan in her mind of what she’s going to do about it. Followed by that we had our daily meeting after we served our self cooked delicious lunch. Ben told us good and „bad“ news.

The good news: As promised we were able to get ashore to Graciosa where there should also be a very good small bakery.

The „bad“ news: The boat wasn’t able to drop us off on land it could only get as close to the beach as about 5m, that’s why we would have to swim ashore.

After we packed our waterproof bags we headed to the island. Having had a short swim on the beach we walked through sanddunes enjoying the beautiful view of hills out of vulcanostone until we reached the only town on Graciosa. 

We all found our way to the bakery where we even met part of the permanent crew and found out that there is another way to the island without getting wet but by driving strait to the small town. 
I think everyone enjoyed the quick swim and the walk with an extraordinary view so it didn’t really matter that there was another way. 

Back at home we ate dinner and had afterwards a pretty long discussion about how it’s going to be handled if we let our stuff lay around somewhere on the ship and when they get confiscated. 

The ships council decided that there are going to be three options between which we could vote.
The first one would be that we would have to buy our things back on sundays but we would only have to buy them back for 5 cents each and the money collected would be used for the party at the end of the voyage in Boulogne, the second one would be getting minus points for our watch and the third would be that the rooms are getting minus points. 

After the voting some people weren’t happy about the result that’s why there was a pretty loud discussion which escalated quickly and even lead to Ben telling us to respect the person talking and not to interrupt them while they are speaking. The closing words came from Poldi which lead to a round of applause because he explained the meaning of a democracy.

Greetings to my family and friends. I miss you and I’m looking forward to telling you all about our great adventures 🙂

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