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Hiker’s Song

Date: 14.11.2018

Author: Nils

Position: Santa Cruz

Geographical Position: 28°27,8 N 16°14.6 W

Etmal: 0NM (total: 1964NM)

The story of a group on their way up the mountain

starts way in the morning on a plaza with a fountain

on the pier lay a tall ship named „The Pelican“

which was home to a group of young sailorsmen

they stood up early to catch their bus

but this was not managed without a fuss

the sailorsmen were stocked up with supplies and food

and were hyped to climb the Teide, until at the mountain foot they stood

900 meters up above their heads

were the Pico el Teide’s volcano beds

fearless and energized they started their hike

up to the mountains highest spike

it was planned that they made a stop in a mountain house

where at night it was to cold for even a mouse

under the blistering sun they fought their way up the mountain side

until at the very end the sun would hide

as it hid the world turned quiet and soundless

as where the sailorsmen covered in their journeys dust and debris

the dinner warmed up their bodies so good

that at last happily in their rooms they stood

a 14 bed dorm was pretty unusual

and sleep in this room was rare, but crucial

too late at last they closed their eyes

thinking about the next day that’s what everybody tries

when sleep took the best of them and their dreams took them far

each of the sailorsmen would pray to a different star.

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