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Schiffsübergabe mit Schülerin

Memories of Essaouira

Date: 02.11.2018

Author: Penelope

Position: Essaouira

Geographical Position: 31°30.152 N, 9°46.375 W

Etmal: NM (total): 0 NM (total: 1541 NM)

Dear Essaouira, 
I will always remember the first time I could see your little harbour. We were all very happy to get to know you after a couple of exhausting days on the stormy Atlantic Ocean. From the place we anchoring at, I could already see your beauty and flair.

Even from afar your Pirate origin was visible. Capitan Ben told me that you invented our square riggs during your golden era as a trade city. So, for us it was very exciting to bring our Pelican to her hometown.

When I first stepped onto your soil I was cought by your magic. It was a feeling o a young blossoming love. We were surrounded by the smell of fresh fish and your salty air. Fish were sold in front of your used, colourful, wooden fishing boats.

I especially loved your thousand cats that clean your streets from dropped foods and fishhaeds. They were supported by unbelievable many seagulls, who were lovely shouting your welcome. And how can I ever forget the first time I touched your impressive brick clay wall with my hand and how the sand fell down. 

At this moment I realised how limited our time would be until we have to split apart. But „near, far, wherever you are, you are saved in my heart and my heart will go on“. 

When I close my eyes, I can see your blue and white boats and facades. I see the few small and narrow side streets. I still remember the sound of the colourful life on your streets: the traders, the musicians who just played for me alone and your gorgeous carpet. I still taste your sweet fruits and roasted nuts. 

Do you remember the little boy who looked out of one of your always open windows? I do. I will never forget these fulfilling days we spent together in the golden autumn of 2018. 

With love, Penelope

Ps: Kind regards to my family and friends, I love you all

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