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Date: 10.11.2018
Author: Justus
Position: Santa Cruz
Geographical Position: 28º27.8 N 16º14.6 W
Etmal: 0 NM (total: 1964 NM)

Welcome to our 29th spectacular Ocean College News Flash. Prepare for the latest (sometimes maybe a little late) most stunning and adventures news and stories all about the Ocean College from the view of the brave students and mentors.

As always, we’re are going to begin with the weather. The day started sunny with clouds as fluffy as our cook‘s cake, got even sunnier during the day and a little less sunny in the evening. You could describe the day with the German saying „Sommer, Sonne, Sonnenschein“ (summer, sun, sunshine), except for the fact that it’s autumn. But it seems to be more and more irrelevant as we‘re heading south.

Moving on with the Daily News. After our newest crew member Sybille, who arrived the day before, introduced herself and gave a little preview of what she is going to do with the media pathway in the next ten days, it was time for school. Continuing the „media touch“ Sybille created, we had two lessons of German covering the topic „interview questions and how to ask them“ followed by a lesson of Chemistry – the best subject ever (at least Miriam told me so).

As soon as we finished the delicious sandwiches for lunch, everyone started going outside to start our city tour through Santa Cruz except for the media pathway. They stayed at the ship to record some interviews in their first sitting with Sybille.

Time for Santa Cruz traffic news. A big group of German talking students, looking like half of them didn’t take a shower in the last seven days, has been sighted walking across the streets in Santa Cruz from one park to another. But no worries, they never ran across a red light. In the evening, they split up and disappeared to shop and have dinner.

And at the end of the day, our beloved Ocean College rumours. After everyone returned to the ship a few of the students (about 20) had a secret meeting discussing secret stuff. Some rumours say a epic cue against our dear neighbors KuS was planned this evening. But who knows. We’ll surely find out soon. Stay tuned.

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