Ocean College

Ocean College Summerschool

The route of the Ocean College – Summerschool.

A sailing trip from Dublin to A Coruña July 11 – 21, 2020

If you are a student between 14 – 16 years old, looking for an exciting time with like-minded peers, look no further! The Ocean College Summer School has got you covered!

Spend your summer holidays with us and up to 29 other students on a sailing ship while making new friends and learning tons about the ocean and sailing.

Sailing and Ocean Science

Our sailing ship, the „Pelican of London“, will leave Dublin/Ireland on July 11 and arrive in A Coruña/Spain, 10 days later. 

The journey is guided by a professional, experienced sailing team that will teach you in high-seas sailing, nautical navigation, and life on the ocean in general.

Our Oceanologist will travel with you as well and introduce you to this amazing field of earth study – right on the boat and in the middle of the ocean. 

In a Nutshell:

When does the Summerschool take place?

July 11 – 21, 2020

How much does the journey cost?

The program cost is 1.500,-€. Included are accommodation on the tall ship, sail training, ocean science lectures, as well as all meals and activities. Not included: travel to Dublin and back home from A Coruña.

Is the trip safe for me/my child?

The Pelican of London was specially designed as a training ship, which means it fulfills all necessary special safety regulations. Our crew has many years of sailing experience and is trained to work with kids and teenagers. It is the same crew that leads our 6-months winter cruise around the world.

Who can join?

This summer school program is designed for all students aged 14-16 (grades 7-9) who are ready for an adventure and eager to sail on a real „pirate ship“.

What is life on the boat like?

On board, the students will be divided into different watches, taking turns sailing the ship and caring for life on sea. Prepare for some incredible sunrises and sunsets, nights under the stars, and long summer days on sea. And who knows, you might even get to swim with Dolphins… The board language is English.

The Route

The ship departs Dublin harbor on July 11, 2020. Our route will lead us through the Bay of Biscay to A Coruña in northern Spain, where the ship will arrive on July 21. Planned stopovers will be in Cornwall/UK, and Brest/France, making this a very unique and international voyage.

Did we catch your attention? Do you have further questions?

The application deadline is 31.03.2020.