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Our partner school is the “Campus im Stift Neuzelle“ from the Rahn-Dittrich Group school association. At this school, students from more than ten countries learn in a practical and student-oriented environment. Sixty employees from seven countries showcase the global orientation of the Campus, which fits well with our ideas. We are proud to have such a partner at our side. In cooperation with the student’s original schools, the participating students will be released from their schools and receive their transcripts from the “Campus im Stift Neuzelle” when they return to continue with their local school program. Our partnerschool provides us a curriculum on the highest standard in Germany for the grades nine and ten and also choose the teachers to guarantee the adequate realization of the classes.

“Nobody learns anything by merely listening, and whoever does not try to do something himself will only succeed in learning superficially.”

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.


Dear students and interested parties,

It is not a new realization that the more senses involved in the learning process, the more lasting the education. Learning by experimenting, by experiencing, by attempting, and not just listening – as Johann Wolfgang von Goethe defined almost 200 years ago. Based on these principles, together with our partner Ocean College, we want to provide the participants of this project the unique possibility of “learning by experiencing, by testing and applying”. Within the framework of the project, students are not only gaining practical experience and improving their foreign language skills, but also developing intercultural and personal competency – an important prerequisite for leading a life of happiness, success and satisfaction in a globalized world. I am really looking forward to the realization of this project, and I wish all participants an unforgettable experience!
Sven Budach