Ocean College


Each student chooses their own PATHWAY for the Ocean College journey. They can pick one of three topics: economics, science, and media. Within these topics they will explore a core question, focussing on a pressing issue from the field.

Experts will help them answer these questions and take the students with them into the importance, interest and challenges of their area of expertise. They will work with the students over several weeks, organised into lessons and project work. Afterwards, the students take their new knowledge and apply it to real world scenarios with local partners.

At the end of the journey each student will receive a reference letter by their expert, along with their final certificate. This will open doors to internships and helps with university applications.

The PATHWAYS contain:

  • Work with an expert from the respective field
  • A collective project with the students on the ship
  • A presentation in front of the whole group
  • An essay (1,500-2,000 words) about a question raised during the pathway
  • Preliminary reading (Articles, books, papers)