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Second day with Ricarda

Second day and I´m still not realizing that this is going to be my home for the next six months. 
The first time sleeping in the bunk was very different than sleeping at home, but I think I´m going to handle it. While eating breakfast we made some plans for the day. We went shopping to get the supplies we forgot at home. 

After walking in the rain for 30 minutes we finally arrived at Jervis shopping center. Realizing that Dublin is way more expensive than we expected, we only bought what we needed the most (and some souvenirs). That was followed by another 30 minute-walk through the rain. After we changed our wet shoes and put some dry socks back on we started cleaning the ship. 

We had some chicken and vegetable salad for lunch and some of us played monopoly deal (for everyone who doesn´t know the game, it´s monopoly only with cards). After Louiz won the game, he, Justus, Tabea and me washed the dishes. Then we continued cleaning, while Adrian went to the airport to pick up some more students.

At 3pm we had to talk with our doctor and Ben (the captain) so we could get signed in as a member of the crew. Then we played several games in groups. 

In the evening we ate dinner and heard presentations about the route and the ship by the captain and the 1stmate. Afterwards, Fabian started playing the guitar, a lot of people sang along, while other played games. And now I´m here writing the daily report while Peer, Tabea, Nils and Poldi are serenating me.

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