Ocean College

Career Orientation

“Two thirds of today’s students will be employed in jobs that don’t yet exist.”

Cathy N. Davidson, Duke University

The complexity of our future professional world can only be guessed at, making it all the more important for anyone desiring a successful professional life to be aware of their own abilities, interests and talents. This is why Ocean College’s students are given the opportunity to experience various professions throughout their journey.

In order to be able to apply to a suitable job later, it is important that the applicant is aware of his social and professional capabilities. Ocean College is a great environment for students to learn and develop vocational skills. Each day, the students are given tasks that challenge their organizational skills, responsibility and their ability to work within a group-dynamic.

In cooperation with the students, we use well-tested potential and aptitude tests, which have a direct, identifiable significance in a challenging environment such as a ship’s crew. The importance of punctuality, reliability and resilience are basic prerequisites for successful teamwork at Ocean College.

In the same way, the ship’s handover provides distinct opportunities to hone individual skills for use in professional environments.

The conceptualization, implementation and evaluation of land projects by the students translates directly into project management. This provides chances to reflect on character and skill development as well as orientation for any future career.

With the regular involvement of external external experts within our PATHWAYS, professional presentations will also be offered. Geologists, marketing experts, farmers and marine researchers offer insight into their professional fields with various compact seminars and projects.

In addition, all the lessons learned will be applied during the student’s creation of application portfolios and simulated interviews.