Ocean College

Competency Training

While in the first coaching module of the personal progress reviews, the student’s individual characteristics are discussed. Competency training focuses on the group-specific abilities. Ocean College divides the competence development into three areas, which occur regularly in everyday life on board.

I. Team Training:

  • What dynamics are present in a team and what roles must individual members fill to make a good team?
  • How important is harmony in a team environment? How important are rules and common values?
  • What role do the students take within the ship’s community and what role do they take in their ever-changing tasks on board?
  • Is each student entrusted with the appropriate tasks for his or her individual talents? Are team members being overlooked? Or is there a clear and constructive team setting?

These questions are essential for a successful working climate. They can be analyzed within the team environment on the ship and the answers can be applied directly to any real-world situation.

The accompanying team will view the onboard interactions from a distance in order to provide feedback and to improve onboard team performance. Understanding how to work well with others is something we at Ocean College consider a fundamental skill.

Gruppe auf der Pelican mit großem Fisch

II. Communication Training: 

  • Do all participants on board have sufficient social awareness in order to make effective communication possible?
  • How does communication work and what does valuable and goal-oriented communication look like?
  • What rules for communication must be taken into account in an international environment such as Ocean College?

At Ocean College, we are firmly convinced that a basic personal core qualification in future work and the professional world is to have an understanding of communication, especially in an international environment. In the same way, it is crucial to be aware of one’s own perceptions and their external effects.

Communication training at Ocean College is analyzed using day-to-day situations, applying well-tried tools and methods, which make communication understandable and clarify a clear self-image in exchange with other crew members.

Eine Person im Ocean College Pullover erzählt etwas vor der Gruppe

III. Conflict Training:

A sailing trip on the high seas is unthinkable without conflicts. On a sailing ship the young people live together in a small space together with the project crew and the crew and they interact day by day in different contexts. Accordingly, it is important to prevent conflicts or to deal constructively with them.

  • Is there on board a contracting, a common set of rules, behind which the whole boarding community stands?
  • Are conflicts openly addressed and can they be resolved by means of a moderator?
  • Is it possible that the different opinions in conflicts can be subordinated to the project objectives?

Each conflict also offers an opportunity to better understand other people and to work together on a new level. The young people should also be given instruments for the conflict resolution in this training module. A trained moderator will be available from the project and ship crews as well as the pupil’s staff, which can be consulted if necessary. In special cases, the Board of Ships is summoned to resolve a conflict and, ultimately, to impose sanctions.

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