Ocean College

Digital Competency

“Children and adolescents spend more than twice as much time with digital media than they do in school.”

Manfred Spitzer

Due to lack of reception, students will not be able to connect to the internet, or make calls during extended periods of the trip.  The Pelican is connected to the internet via satellite, but this connection is limited to elementary communications, used only to send daily reports, and transfer information to Ocean College’s partners. Ship and project communication takes priority over individual communications. Chat, email, Whatsapp… these will not be available while on the open ocean.

Naturally, during their stays in port, the students will be able to connect with their family and friends, to call home, as well as use skype and email.  Any post accumulated during the time at sea will be sent out upon arrival in port, either by mail, or personally, when a crew member returns home. Writing letters and journal entries are wonderful ways for the students to reflect on their journey.

As digital media and communication is a part of all future career paths, we at Ocean College are convinced that training for proper interaction with the digital world can’t be overlooked.  Even on a sailboat, there are ways in which students can be digitally productive while on their journey. Students will write a daily report and blog entry, learning to work with keywords and SEO.  The Ocean College project relies upon solid digital data-management, in which its students are key.

Students will be taught proper use of digital media in the “Digital competence and communication” compact seminar. The following points will be covered:

Data safety and privacy: What price do I pay for being active in the digital world, what happens to my data on the internet, and how can I protect myself from identity-theft? How private are my communications over the internet, and who could potentially profit from them?

Changes through the internet: How does the internet influence us, our communication with others and our own development?

Use of the internet and digital media: What use does the internet and digital media have? What possibilities for internet research are there? What should an online application, blog, or homepage look like? What is crowd-funding and how can I use social platforms for my own interests? How do search engines work?