Ocean College

School on board the Ship

“Tell me, and I will forget. Teach me, and I may remember. Let me experience, and I will learn. “


At Ocean College, we are convinced that education without practical application, is worthless. Education shouldn’t be about teaching theoretical material and having students memorize it.

But instead, about creating an intrinsic motivation to learn, through lessons taught with real context. The focus is not in getting to the end, or the “conclusion” of one’s education, but in coming to the realization that learning never stops.

Schüler und Lehrer beim Unterricht

During the trip, lessons in core subjects will be taught onboard the ship. This is to ensure that the students can return to their regular classes and complete the school year after attending Ocean College.  Alongside positions on watch, in the mess hall and other positions taken on board, the lessons are taught in small groups, with a maximum of ten students in each.  This allows for thorough and individual attention from the instructors.

The subjects of mathematics, English, German, physics, biology, history, geography and Spanish are taught and as often as possible the context of the travel route is incorporated into the classroom. The following examples illustrate the core philosophy of Ocean College – the direct connection of theoretical content with practical context:

Schüler und Schülerinnen beim Unterricht
  • Math and physics can be taught in connection with astronomy and navigation
  • Students will be taught about Columbus’s journey to the Americas, the slave trade, socialism in Cuba, as well as the invasion of Normandy
  • Biology can be learned in the rain forest and students will take part in a weather data project on board the ship
  • The Atlantic Ocean serves as a workshop for marine biology
  • With English spoken on-board and the intensive Spanish course, students are taught foreign language in an immersive environment.
  • In our commercial project, an entire economic cycle is carried out – from production to the final sale of a product. This covers topics such as mathematics, business administration, project management and marketing