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The Port where the ship will first dock in Cuba, Arroyos De Mantua, is located in the west of the country. From there, students and crew will travel by bus to Pinar del Rio. There will be a tour of the city before the group continues on by bike to Havana. The ship will sail to meet the rest of the group in Havana. While in Havana, we will cover the history of Cuba, including the Cuban Revolution, and the Cuban crisis.  Students will get to visit the site where Ernest Hemingway lived and wrote across multiple periods of his lifetime.

Day 1 – Arrival in Arroyos De Mantua. Bus trip to Pinar del Rio

Day 2 – Guided tour of Pinar del Rio. The start of the bike tour

Day 3 and 4 – Bike tour

Day 5 – Students arrive in Havana

Day 6 – Visiting the museums and exploring Havana

Day 7 – Departure from Cuba




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