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Tenerife is the first stop on Ocean College’s route,  and the only stop before the three week Atlantic crossing. In addition to the geological and historical exploration of the island, the goal is to prepare students mentally, and physically for the upcoming time at sea. To this end,  there will be thorough safety training by the crew, as well as several hiking trips around the island.

Day 1 – Arrival in St. Cruz.

Day 2 – Drive to the western side of the island, hiking through the gorge of Masca to the beach. At night, camping under the open sky.

Day 3 – Students and crew will return to the ship, and later in the day tour St. Cruz

Day 4 – Visit to the Pyramids of Guímar, and the Thor Heyerdahl Museum / Beach Tour

Day 5 – Ascent to Pico del Teide. Lodging in a mountain cabin

Day 6 – After climbing down the Teide, students and crew will return to the ship

Day 7 – Briefing for the Atlantic crossing and shipwork

Day 8 – Loading the ship / departure

You can check out our program here on the interactive map:



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