Ocean College

Why Ocean College?

Impressions of the 2018/2019 journey

Everyone deserves the opportunity to find their purpose and make a difference. Ocean College gives you that chance. Coaching and adventurous projects let you explore your interests and develop your talents – in a sustainable way. You learn to make an impact through our many local partnerships.

5 children working and setting sails

Find your purpose

There is no better way to find your purpose than to follow your passions. That is why you design your own journey at Ocean College. Choose among four different pathways, ranging from science to media, within which you work with experts on projects with lasting value. Coaches on board the ship guide you to bring out the best in you. All while you form a strong community with the other high school students and graduates through your roles on the ship – cooking, navigating, engineering, … You will have every chance to reach your full potential.

Schülerinnen im Urwald

Make a difference

Sustainability should be a part of any modern education. So all our projects are planned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals in mind. You learn about nature and other cultures through projects with local communities and environmentalists. You can measure the micro plastic pollution of the ocean for an NGO, volunteer for well-established reforestation projects, support the indigenous population of Costa Rica and much more. You leave your mark on the places we visit.

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