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Yes, we survived one week on the Pelican!

Date: 21.10.2018

Author: Theresa

Position: somewhere in the Bay of Biscay

Nautical Position: 43° 23,8 N 009° 24,5 W

Dear readers,

I can’t actually believe, that it was one week ago, when I did my first step on the Pelican of London, my „home“ for the next six months. Such a lot of things already happened. Such a lot of positive memories and unfortunately also some not that good ones.

But let´s start with my day. It started at 03:30 when Nils, who was somehow super positive and motivated, woke me up wishing me a wonderful good morning and telling me I had to get up and do my watch now.

I almost fell out of my bed then because the ship is heeling pretty much these days. Feeling really tired, i put on my oil skin and went on the poopdeck where the watch-takeover takes place. I actually enjoy being on watch, because my watch-mates and I always have some nice, funny or interesting stuff to talk about.

I also enjoy learning some star-constellations, which Michael, the first officer sometimes teaches us. Unfortunately, Elisa was really seasick during our nightwatch, so I tried helping her with telling her some actually uninteresting things about my life or bringing her some water after she threw up.

Of course, we don’t just talk and watch the sky during the watches, we also did some lookout, the logbook, and steering…

Today is Sunday and one of the special things about Sundays is, that we get some warm breakfast. So today most of us had bacon, sausage, baked beans and eggs. Very British. I actually didn’t because I unfortunately didn’t feel that well. So I rather had an apple.

After that I really enjoyed having some time on my own to write my diary, which made me feel so tired, so i went back to sleep again, because I anyway didn’t have anything to do – which is a rare thing on board.

After waking up at around 11:30 I played Dutch, that’s a card game, with some of the others, then we had some delicious sandwiches for lunch. Seriously, our cook, is the best. By that time, Elisa felt good again. Thank god.

Next we had our daily meeting. We talked about things like our upcoming arrival in Vigo, which is going to be tomorrow at around noon, the privilege of entering the saloon, which we only have on Sundays, and some other stuff.

Sunday is funday (quote from Anousch), that means we have to clean the whole ship, from our cabins to the deck. Sounds really boring, but to be honest, it wasn’t that bad. Ben, the captain keeps saying:

a clean ship is a happy ship-

A happy ship is a happy captain-

A happy captain is a happy crew,

And a happy crew is a:


Anousch played some music like Cotton-Eye-Joe or Mamma Mia (I had to think of you, Lucas), and while dancing and singing we cleaned the ship! Woohoo!

After playing some Schafkopf, that’s also a card game (to my dad: we play a lot of Schafkopf! I’m gonna be really good. Hehe), my watch started again at 16:00.

Nothing special happened. I spent a lot of time at the helm, steering the ship. Sometimes, I wrote the logbook (we do it every 30 minutes) and Michael taught me how to calculate how long it’s gonna take until we arrive at our next stop.

Today’s dinner was quite funny because, as I already said, the ship is heeling a lot. Every few seconds it will be in an 25° angle. We even had to put an extra fork under one side of the plate to make the food not fall off.

After that we had a short briefing with Niki, where we talked about some stuff for the next days.

One last thing to my parents, my brother, Lucas and anyone else: please feel hugged tightly. I hope you are alright, and I’m really looking forward to hearing from you soon!

Have a nice week everyone!


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