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Ben, Kapitän

Ben, Kapitän

In July 2018, Ben re-joined Pelican of London after a 5 year absence during which he has been working with several sail training organisations including the UK’s Marine Society & Sea Cadets (MSSC) flagship Royalist. With his experience of sail training spanning 25 years, Ben brings a unique combination of seamanship, educational training and experience working with young people.

Leaving his previous career as a Station Manager at Kings Cross Station in London, Ben Graduated from Southampton Solent University and a qualified MCA Master of Yachts and Sail Training Vessels. He is also a fully qualified RYA Yachtmaster Instructor of considerable reputation, who can train all aspects of the RYA Cruising Scheme.

Ben has designed educational programmes for schools and colleges including those adopted by Pelican of London when she was first commissioned. He has also spent several semesters at sea as Mate and sailing coach with the German High Seas High School.



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