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Economics Path

Economics Path

How does our economy work? What impact do tariffs have? Is global trade fair? In this pathway, you will get a basic understanding of the different schools of economics. Starting with the history of economics, from Adam Smith to Karl Marx and John Maynard Keynes, you will learn how and why economies function the way they do.

Students will learn why the value of the chocolate they bring from home will increase while they cross the Atlantic and how Costa Rican farmers calculate the prices for their coffee. They will also conduct a World Trading Game with the whole group and will come to understand the difference between the economic system on Cuba and Europe.

This pathway will be taught and led by Johannes Borchert, one of the founders of Ocean College. Johannes studied International Wine Business before working for the Swedish government with sustainable supply chain management and fair trade. This year, he studies at the London School of Economics while working on Ocean College.



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