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Science Path

Science Path

What impact does micro plastic pollution have on maritime ecosystems and organisms? What is ocean acidification? Which methods do researchers use to get to new insights? The science path gives our participants the tools and knowledge to actually understand their home of choice: the ocean.

During the long Atlantic crossing, we will immerse ourselves into the topic of marine biology. We will analyse water samples to determine their micro plastic content with strict academic discipline. We will dissect and examine fish, clean a beach in the Caribbean and explore the flora and fauna of several maritime ecosystems.

Our expert for this path is Dr. Rüdiger Stöhr, who currently works for the NGO One Earth – One Ocean in Northern Germany. Rüdiger is a microbiologist and teaches biotechnology and biology in Neumünster. During his career, he researched bacteria that live in hot springs and maritime microorganisms and fungi.



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