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Local projects

Micro plastics

Our students are constantly confronted with the pollution and deterioration of maritime ecosystems. One of the biggest threats to our oceans are micro plastic particles, but it is not known how large the negative impact of this pollution is on animals, reefs and algae. The students take action by collecting and analysing both water samples and fish for the NGO OneEarth-OneOcean.

Reforestation in Costa Rica

The villagers of Hojancha had to fight increasing droughts after the destruction of their forests. To improve the ground water levels and to provide shelter for the local species, they formed the foundation Monte Alto. The students volunteer here by planting new trees, thus maintaining the ecological balance while learning about the work of local environmentalists.

In the long run, Ocean College aims to contribute to the foundation by buying land and building a research camp.

Bribri culture

The Bribri, an indigenous people in Costa Rica, are threatened by increasing industrial and agricultural interests in their homeland. During a visit to them the students support the preservation of their culture, religion and practices. They spend time with the Bribri, learning about their way of life and connection to the rainforest, as well as help build a religious conical house.

In the long run, Ocean College will provide financial support to organizations committed to protecting the land of the Bribri.



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