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Johan Kegler

Johan Kegler applies his educational experience to Ocean College. He believes that learning is done best through individual and practical methods and should always include personal development.

In 2008/2009 Johan was a teacher and project leader on a similar project and through this experience he knows the route and the life on the ship. Since then he has not been able to ignore the potential behind such a project, which led him to design Ocean College. He is convinced that the current school system does not adequately prepare students for life and the career world.

Johan connects his understanding of the multifaceted aspects of learning, with his experience as a trainer in rowing. He has studied history, politics, art, and media sciences as well as sport sciences, which he has applied alongside his theoretical education to create Ocean College.

Falco Aust

Falco Aust is one of the founders of the Ocean College project. Inspired by Johan, this business lawyer believes in the potential of the project and stands behind it. Since his studies, Falco has become an advocate for a learning experience combining theory and practice. Humans need to personally experience the things they have learned, only then can their personality develop and broaden.

During his career Falco has been a management consultant in a large law firm, and has also worked as an education provider. Alongside his work at Ocean College he is a lecturer at the “Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft Berlin” in order to share his experiences in the career world to the students.

Johannes Borchert

Johannes Borchert was a student on a sailing school himself. The trip had a great impact on him and it changed his world-view forever. Johannes can share his experience in Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable Supply Chains in the trade project. He also takes care of our website and the planning of all projects during our shore leaves.

Johannes is of the opinion that it should be possible to provide more people with the experience he had through a sailing classroom project. The number of students who finish their schooling and sometimes feel lost and without direction is not to be underestimated. Johannes’ opinion is that this ties in directly with a lack of practical application in the educational environment, as well as a need for a broader world perspective.



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