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A „normal“ Day

Date: 27.12.2018
Author: Elisa
Position: somewhere in the south caribbean sea
Geographical Position: 12 36,8N  072 41.2 W 
Etmal: 149 NM (total 6090 NM)

I almost didn’t wake up for breakfast and then I was late (again) for watch. My lovely watch leader took it very personal and as a „punishment“ he sent me to the helm. I didn’t mind it at all and I enjoyed the nice music played by this same genius person. It was incredibly hot and because steering is always quite tiring I lent on to the capping rail.

I completely forgot about the vanish Pete has put on just then. I wasn’t the only one to forget, so now there are some fingerprints in the vanished wood 🙂 With another new brown on my shirt, I then went to set the fore gaff where Sammo pretended to help me hall away the halyard but then was laughing about me almost dying, sweating and having my lips pressed hard together.

Having lunch outside while some waves came on deck and wettend us is included in our daily routine and it is also common that cups and bowls break on a regular basis, especially when we havn‘t been at sea for a longer time in a row. In biology, we watched a short movie about parasites and worms, how to get infected and how to protect ourselves.

Some of us students were very shocked, especially about the scene that was filmed in Costa Rica but we are all still very much looking forward to our stay there. In four days we will already be there. Time flies! 

I went to the fore deck to see the sun set and not miss out on the possibility of seeing the green flash. But we didn’t see it. Most of us have seen the last glow of the sun being green for several times but the captain and Nick are the only ones to have seen the green flash.

After dinner, we set up the projector in the mess and everyone, who was interested, watched the movie „ Das System Milch“ (the dairy system). It was about economics and the production of milk and I was really impressed! Did you know that if we’d payed 7 cents more for each liter of milk, we wouldn’t need the EU subsidies? 

Before I went to bed, I went outside to have a look at the beautiful sky full of stars and the bioluminessence and I thought about my „normal“ day on the Pelican. Only one year ago I would never have imagined living a life like this. Just then a fish flew over board straight into my arm. Also, I would never have expected me to think of this as a normal and daily thing to happen. 

I nearly didn’t make it into my cabin and had to wait for the right wave for being able to open the door. I then couldn‘t fall asleep for a long time and was awake every time someone came in or went out of the room. I wasn‘t the only one to have slept so badly because the wind speed increased a lot and with it, our speed and the height of waves and swell. We managed to bring 200 miles behind us in 24 hours which comes quite close to the Pelicans record of 240 miles.

As you see, a normal day here is completely different to a normal (kind of boring) day at home and I am so happy that I have this opportunity to being able to experience these other days, this other routine and this new world.

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