Ocean College – an extraordinary year abroad on a sailing ship.

Ocean College offers a sailing classroom as an exceptional year abroad.

It is an educational program that takes you on a six-month trip abroad on a sailing ship. Not only will you experience exciting, hands-on school lessons based on the itinerary, but you will also receive nautical education, including sailing and navigation. Together we travel to breathtaking places around the world and allow you to experience different cultures and participate in projects in Europe, Central America and the Caribbean.

Our mission statement is to make education a personal development and a learning experience.

Participation at Ocean College is possible for students from the age of 15. In addition, we offer school graduates the opportunity to participate as watch leaders.

Are you ready for the adventure of a lifetime?

Then come to Ocean College, where education happens everywhere but in the classroom.

Educational approach

The learning environment on the Atlantic Ocean and a traditional sailing ship corresponds to the ideas of great reform educators of the past and current experts of sustainable education.

Safety on board

Ocean College’s vessels are certified for worldwide voyages and thus comply with the strictest regulations for crew and life-saving equipment.


We are guided by the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN’s Agenda 2030. Through conscious measures and projects, we want to strengthen the understanding of sustainability.

“I got the impression that people engage with young people without the constant pedagogizing or psychologizing background, with equal humanity and mutual respect.”

Mutter von Phil, 19/20

“Leon came back very grounded. The trip opened his eyes to how good we have it in the northern hemisphere and how privileged he is. Simple things like drinking water from the tap, taking a full bath, having a well-stocked refrigerator, having his own room are much more appreciated by him now.”

Mutter von Leon, 17/18

Why Ocean College ? Because…


define education as personal development and create real challenges in unfamiliar environments for this purpose.


believe in hands-on learning experiences and relevant content for youth development.


consider teamwork and conflict resolution, personal responsibility and resilience as elementary skills.

Are you in ?

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