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One Day in the Galley:

Author: Silja
Date: 07.04.2021
Position: Nordsee
Nautical Position: 51°32´0 N, 2°21´08 W

Silja on the helm

Today I want to show you, what we have to do when we are messmen- and women or Cook. In the beginning of the voyage we were only helping Abbie as messmen- women but when the handover started, we were also allowed to apply as cook and to take the responsibility in the galley for some days.

Silja as the cook

Now I was four times in the Galley as Cook and lots of times as messwoman. I can’t count those days anymore. I want to tell you what you have to do when you are Cook.
1: Wake up at 6:40 a.m.
2: Go up to the Galley and turn the light, the air conditioning and the stove on
3: Begin to bake the bread for the next Day (Breakfast)
4: 7:00  Messmen- and women turn to
5: Make Breakfast
6: Cleaning
7: Preparing Lunch and dinner
    • Do you know, that you need 14 onions for one day?
8: Cook the meals
9: Make the dessert
    • For example you need 5kg of Rice pudding for 46 people
10: Prepare everything for the day
11: After Lunch and cleaning the messmen- and women have a break
12: The Cook has only a break, when everything is finished in the galley
13: Messmen- and women turn to before dinner and clean the tables
14: Dinner and cleaning
15: When everything is done: Sweeping and mobbing the Galley
16: Turn all things off, which you turned on
17: Go down to your bunk, fall in it and sleep

Silja in the kitchen

And what do you think about this job? Do you like it? I love it, it is a very nice job on the ship and is an interesting change to our normal ship day.

6:40 Call Cook
6:50 Call Messman
7:20-8:30 Breakfast
12:00-12:30 1st Sitting Lunch
12:30-13:00 2ed Sitting Lunch
13:00 Meeting
18:15-18:45 1st Sitting Dinner
18:45-19:15 2ed Sitting Dinner
P.S.: Comment of the teacher crew: Silja was a great cook and her food was delicious!

Silja in the rigg
Thank you for your service as a cook, dear Silja!

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