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Special Sunday

Date: 27 October 2019
Author: Hannah
Position: in front of Morocco
Geographical position: 34°22’7” N / 10°17’5” W
Etmal: 134

As there are no lessons on Sundays, we finally get the chance to sleep until 10 am. However, there will happen some special events during the day:

1. Cooked breakfast

During the week you usually get some toast with butter, Nutella, jam or cereals for breakfast. But on Sunday, everybody can have a proper English breakfast: scrambled eggs, bacon, sausages and hash browns. Even though you have to get up at 6:45am, this breakfast is definetly worth it and you can still get some more sleep until 10am, when lovely music and happy announcements by the crew will wake you up.

Joana macht Eier

2. Happy Hour

Every day one watch has to clean up different places – this is called Happy Hour because the crew will be happy once the ship is clean.  And again Sundays are special. Instead of the daily clean up the whole ship, including the deck and the wheelhouse, gets a deep-deep clean. That includes for example: mop the messroom, polish the magnetic compass, scrubbing the deck with a soap and whipe out the cupboards. To complete our cabins have to be tidy and if we don’t make our beds, we fall through the inspection of the second officer.

It takes about an hour to do everything…

3. How to get lost properties back?

The life on a ship with about 40 people would be a mess if everybody puts his things wherever he wants. So there is one rule: If the things are not in your cabin at 8 pm Tamsin, our second officer, collects them and Sunday is the only chance to get them back. Of course you won’t get them back without any penalty. This time you need to answer some questions about things we’ve learned the days before: If the answer was right, you get your things back immediately, if it is wrong, you have the chance to find the answer until the end of the day. Some people had a lot to do to get their belongings back.

4. Sunday is Funday

To make life more exciting everybody played a game together: The crew made up a competition between Red-, Blue- and White watch. The aim of the game was to get a bucket with as much water as possible from the Well Deck to the Poop Deck. Sounds quiet easy, but the crux was that we weren’t allowed to touch the bucket with any part of the human body. As this task was impossible, we had to buy materials for transportation.

They were two shops we could buy all sort of things from and to practice how to haggle we had only 20 coins available. All three teams made it and brought the bucket full of water to the Poop Deck. We don’t know who the winner is because the challenge will continue over the next weeks. But we all feel like winners today- you want to know why? Because SUNDAY IS FUNDAY! 😉

Gruppe auf dem Schiff beim Filmabend

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