Tea Day

Date: 01.11.2023
Location: Calais, Harbor
Etmal: 184 nm
Ship: Regina Maris

The other day during a normal, quite average dinner, well, just as normal as any dinner on the Regina Maris can be, we stumbled upon the question of what time of day tea, kept in a thermos flask, has the best drinking temperature.

So now you might be a bit confused as to how we came upon that question, as it isn’t really something you discuss over a plate of couscous. Let us set the scene for you:

A normal dinner on the Regina Maris:

Luis pouring himself a cup of tea from a thermos flask that has been standing since lunch: “Mhhh, I think the tea is going to be way too hot to drink.” He continued to add a small splash of water to cool it down. “Oh sh*t, now it’s way too cold” (making a sad face).

Lilia, at the same time sitting next to Luis: “I think the tea is at a perfect drinking temperature right now.” Lilia continued to drink the tea without adding anything to cool it, and it turned out to be the perfect mix between hot and cold.

Luis turning his head to Lilia: “I really regret adding the water. I thought it would be perfect; now it’s just way too cold. It wasn’t even standing that long.” Luis continued to drink his cold tea.

And that, dear readers, is how we came to the burning question: At what time of day does tea have the best drinking temperature when kept in a thermos flask?

Our hypothesis is as follows:

We think that drinking the tea midday will be the best-tempered because it had enough time to cool.


We asked four different people, including teachers, fellow students, and crew members, about their opinion on the temperature and to rate it on a scale from one to ten. We both tried it alongside them and rated it as well.

TimeLila und LuisaFour random people
0800 am3/106,6/10
0100 pm4/10 7,5/10 
0700 pm9,5/107,2/10

Our own opinion:

We personally think that the tea had the best drinking temperature at around 07:00 pm. The tea wasn’t too hot nor too cold. It wasn’t a perfect ten because for it to have been perfect, it would have needed to be a little bit warmer. In conclusion, our hypothesis was proven false; we found the tea too hot at 01:00 pm because the thermos flask kept the tea warmer than expected.


To conclude, most people prefer their tea quite warm and the best time for drinking it if kept in a thermos flask appears to be around 01:00 pm. It also appears that both of us are the odd ones out, as we both prefer the tea to be colder than those interviewed. So, if you ever need to serve a stranger tea, fill up your thermos flask at around 08:00 am and let it sit for around five hours.
We sincerely hope that you take our advice to heart and enjoy a nice cup of tea tonight. Lots of love from some random harbor in France.

Yours truly, Luis and Lilia.


Andrea: Liebes Mami, viel Spaß in Sizilien. Genieß‘ die Sonne. Und drück‘ Livia von mir.

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