A day in the galley

Date: 15.03.2024
Nautical Position:27°49’.598N 078°24’.860W
Etmal: 216
Total: 8363
Ship: Pelican of London

Today is my galley day so I decided to tell you what a galley day looks like. Before I start: The galley is the kitchen of the ship and when we’re on galley duty we help our cook Margo in the galley.

For that the duty watch woke me up at 6:30 so I could be upstairs in the galley to prepare breakfast at 6:45. For breakfast we normally get some fruits from the drystore like apples or bananas. We also make sure the cereal, the toaster and the jam is out on the tables.

Afterwards we were able to get our breakfast at 07:00. After the breakfast ca. at 07:35 we decided that it is the time for a washing up session but because there weren’t many people eating breakfast the washing up took us only 25 minutes. While we were washing up we decided what we’re going to eat today. After a few minutes our decision was made. At 08:00 Margo went on the bridge for the professional crew meeting.

During the meeting we cleaned down the mess room and the tea station. Afterwards at around 08:25 we started with some vegetable chopping. After 10 minutes we finished up the onions and the garlic for the tomato sauce for lunch. While we were chopping Margo made a bread dough. After she was finished with that I made the dough for the chocolate cake.

At 10:00 we sent Falk into bed because he felt sick and we started making the tomato sauce. From now on I cooked the pasta and Jonathan finished the vegetable chopping. So we both were finished at 11:00. We cleaned the galley a bit in the 30 minutes till morning meeting at 11:30.

After the meeting we were preparing everything for lunch. We always have two sittings for lunch. The first sitting was at 12:00 and like always we were finished with serving at ten past. Jonathan and I decided that it’s enough time to eat our lunch so left Falk alone in the galley to do some washing up. Five minutes before the second sitting (12:30 is always second sitting) we came back. This time the serving took us only ten minutes.

After the serving Falk got his food and Jonathan and I continued the washing up. The washing up took us one hour. At 13:30 Margo decided that we should clean the galley and the mess room for school. After we finished the washing up and cleaning she gave us a one and a half hour break. During the break we past the skyline from Miami.

At 15:30 we needed to be back in the galley to roll the summer rolls. Which was a complete disaster because the rice paper stuck together so we needed to open another packet. Around 15:40 Falk started to cook the noodles. Meanwhile Gregor helped us doing the 118 summer rolls.

The first sitting dinner was a complete success everybody was full afterwards. Also the second sitting was a massive success. Everyone came to have seconds. We handed out the last summer rolls and everybody was happy and after dinner we had some chocolate cake with cream.

The end of a galley day is always a big washing up and cleaning session!!! We finished our day in the galley at 19:15.

Some special things there happened today

Today some things happened which don’t have something to do with the galley stuff. This is a list of it:

1. We had one general alarm at 11:19 🚨but it turned out to be a false alarm :))
2. We saw the skyline from Miami 🏙️
3. Pelican’s got Talent planing meeting
4. We saw two rockets 🚀
5. We had a second general alarm at 19:36 which also was just a false alarm 🚨
6. Today we motorsailed with a speed of more then 11 knots 💨

P.S.: Liebe Mama, ich wünsche Dir alles Liebe zum Geburtstag. Jetzt bin ich bei Deinem 50er nicht da, das ist blöd, aber dafür bekommst Du ein tolles Geschenk aus Cuba. Ich kotz‘ jetzt nicht mehr von Seekrankheit, sondern wegen Magen Darm, aber man sieht am Horizont einfach die Skyline von Miami. Sag Papa, er soll nicht so viel Linzertorte essen. Hab‘ Dich sehr sehr lieb und hab‘ heute viel an Dich gedacht. Bussi❤️❤️

P.P.S.: Ich wollte mal grüßen vom warmen Amerika, mir wurde zu Ohren getragen, dass es bei euch nicht so schön warm ist. An Mama, Papa, Livi und Metti: Wollt ihr mir einen Gefallen tun und fleißig Domino spielen, so dass ihr Profis werdet und die Regeln könnt. Papa, wir klären bitte bei Gelegenheit, was wir in der Woche essen, wenn ich wiederkomme, weil ich vermisse so ’ne richtig geile Bolo😘😘. Habe euch ganz doll lieb und vermisse euch. Livi und Metti, ich habe euch ein ✉️📮🚖🛫🛩️🛬🚖📫📬✉️❤️❤️☀️❄️⛄️⛷️😂😂😘😘.


An Oma Babi und Oma Heide, ich habe euch beide auch ganz doll lieb und vermisse euch. Gleiches gilt auch für Andrea und David, so wie an Hanna, Hana, Hannah, Fia, Pia und Luise. Dicker fetter Schmatzer an alle😘❤️

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