A diverse day

Date: 18.11.2023
Location: Lisbon
Geographical Position: 38°42.075’N 9°09.681’W
Etmal: 0
Total: 1141
Ship: Pelican of London

Gruppenbild in Lissabon

The Flea Market

In the morning, as promised by the teachers the day before, we headed directly to a flea market. We had one and a half hours to explore the market and purchase various items. The different stands offered a range of sometimes peculiar things, from water taps to deodorant and body lotion – almost anything you could imagine.

Some of us bought dresses, bracelets, or even a license plate. After a short walk to a viewpoint, where we could gaze over the entire city, we took some time for our weekly reflection. We enjoyed the breathtaking view over Lisbon before returning to the Pelican for lunch.

We were treated to a typical Spanish meal, „Tortilla de Española,“ prepared by Margo. For the planned training, we were divided into two groups – one group went climbing in the rig, while the other received a lesson from our engineer, Connor, on how our ship motor works and the safety rules of the engine room.

We also discussed procedures in case the motor gets stuck or breaks. Our afternoon was filled with these training activities. After dinner, Nele gave a fascinating presentation about Tenerife’s economy. The day concluded with a beautiful sunset.

Marmalade Moments

Marmalade moments are special moments when the atmosphere or the shared feeling is perfect and memorable. These moments are preserved in a marmalade glass, which you can open when you need a pick-me-up. Some of us would like to share moments from the past weeks.

Lenka and our teacher Tobi (also known as Big T), were enchanted by the dolphins swimming at the bowsprit and the sea of stars witnessed during the night watches on our way to Tenerife (and now Lisbon).

Anna-L.’s moment was our arrival in Lisbon a few days ago. The sun was shining on the river, and multiple photos were taken of the iconic bridge and city. Everyone was happy to arrive in a warm and yet unknown country, a place not originally on our itinerary.

Others, like Fabia, one of our teachers, loved the sunset as we walked back from the old town of Lisbon yesterday. It was unquestionably a memorable moment where everyone was captivated by the view of the River Tejo, where our current dock is.

P.S.: Happy birthday to my Omi Siggi! I hope you had a wonderful party! Sending love to all of you!! – Emma

P.P.S.: Many greetings to my family! – Karoline

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