A Fire Drill with Audience

Date: 12.11.2023
Position: Vigo, Port
Geographical Position: 42°14.6 N 008°43.5 W
Etmal: 0
Total: 778,9 sm
Ship: Pelican of London

Fotoaufnahme von Vigo - Blick auf den Hafen

Moment of Remembrance

Yesterday was the 11th of November. On this date at 11:00 am all British ships commemorate the people who died in the first and second World War and all other people who died in the act of war. That is why the whole crew of the Pelican gathered at 10:45 on the well deck. Ben, our captain, wore his full uniform and everyone was welcome to wear a poppy clipped onto their shirt.

The captain held a short speech in which he mentioned the history of this special day and the current situation in Ucraine and the Middle East. Shortly before 11:00 am, all of us where silent for two minutes to remember all the victims. It was a moving moment to see everyone lost in their own thoughts, quiet, or praying.

Fire Drill

A few days ago, a bunch of new professional crew members joined us on board. Ben, our captain, Ali, our 1st mate, Hannah, our 2nd bosun’s mate, Steffan, our medic, and also Margo, our cook. All of them have not done a fire drill since they rejoined on board. So it was time to have another emergency training.

For practice, we pretended a fire started in the bosun’s store. With fake smoke the smoke detector was turned on and the general alarm started after the fire detection was confirmed. All students went to the poop deck to muster in their watches and to be counted and reported by their watch leaders.

The fire-fighting party

Gonzo, our 2nd mate, and Jakob, our 1st bosun’s mate got dressed in their fire-fighting equipment while the watch leaders helped out with boundary cooling by using the fire hoses. For reasons of training, we practiced the situation where the fire went out of control. So the captain gave the command to abandon the ship. Everyone had to put on a life jacket and the correct fitting of it was checked by members of the professional crew. Because we are still in the port of Vigo and this port is nicely located next to the city center, we had lots of audience during our drill.

Many people were standing by the quayside watching us practice. Also, the sunny and warm weather brought lots of families and other people out for a walk along the quayside. We completed this drill by storing away all life jackets, fire hoses and fire-fighting equipment properly. Afterwards, the professional crew discussed all things that went well and those which should be improve next time.

Safety Equipment on Board

On board of the Pelican is alot of safety equipment for all different cases of emergencies. The most dangerous situation on a ship is to have a fire. Therefore, we have special fire-fighting equipment. For example special jackets, trousers, hats, and breathing systems for the fire party, which will fight the fire as best as possible. We also have four fire hoses, which can be connected variously for use in different places.

Therefore, we also have different nozzles specialized for fire-fighting or boundary cooling. Emergency fire pumps ensure the supply with salt water for fire-fighting. Many fire extinguishers are located all over the ship. We have three different types of fire extinguishers: water, foam, and CO2. The Pelican provides 59 life jackets and 49 immersion suits that are stored in two boxes next to the wheelhouse. Aditionally the Pelican offers four life rafts with space for 100 people.

The SART and the EPIRB are located at the wheelhouse. Both are important tools for communication in emergency situations. For example if we had to abandon the ship. In this case we would be found by the marine center and other vessels, because these tools send out radar signals. Also, the ship has many different radios that secure communication on the ship at all times. For example, the fire party is connected to the 1st mate, who is running the operation with a radio during the whole time. All in all, the Pelican provides various types of emergency equipment to be well prepared for any case of emergency at all times.

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