Creativity on Board

Date: 09th of April 2024
Geographical Position: 40°41.7′ N 025°06.0′ W
Etmal: 180
Total: 10813
Ship: Regina Maris

On board we have a lot of creative people with amazing ideas. During our voyage, we had different projects that we worked on. They were really cool because through them we created many memories on this adventure that we will keep in mind forever.

Bravo Outfits

My first watch was the Bravo night watch (one to five am). While on watch, it was often boring and we had nothing to do, so we invented something creative to let time pass quickly. Our watch officer had the idea to sew a uniform for each member of the Bravo watch.

In addition to that, we designed a blue Bravo flag with yellow stars that we set in every Bravo watch. After having just the idea, we sat every night with a very small light in the darkness and worked on our project. Six nights later, after sewing amidst strong wind, big waves and less sleep, the Bravo uniforms were ready to be presented.

No one from the other watches knew about our idea, so they were really surprised when we marched into the messroom one evening with our uniform to present our outfits. The others liked our idea very much and cheered for us.

Die Bravo Wache mit ihren genähten Kostümen.

Groups of Interests

In Den Haag, we started the groups of interests. That means we had a time slot where we could meet up in different groups depending on our interests. When you like to make music, you could join the music group, where you played different songs on various instruments with other students.

Plus, you could join the dance group, where Franka and Luisa tried to teach us how to dance with a partner. When you had the need to move, you could have gone with the sports group outside and train a bit. The last group was the creative group where you could draw or paint something.

Schüler*innen auf Wanderung.


We had a phase on our voyage where we played Monopoly every evening with our bosun Mathieu. While we played, we had the idea to create our very own Monopoly. The days after, we designed a Monopoly game fitted to our voyage.

For example, the streets are the different countries that we visited, the jail is a flight back home and the train stations on our Monopoly are the different oceans. Then we painted it on cardboard and now we can play our own Monopoly, which I think is a really nice and memorable idea.

Schüler*innen in der Messe.

Heeling Scale

Our cook Rainer had the idea to install a heeling scale in the kitchen on the wall, where he can see how much heeling we have while sailing. The scale is from 0 to 50° on both sides: Portside and Starboard side. This construction works like this: A nail is hanging on a loose twine from the wall.

On the wall, the degree numbers are written. Depending on how much heeling we have, the nails move to either side. It is really cool and when we have strong wind, we often have a look in the Galley to see how much heeling we have. Sometimes it is quite interesting; when you think the heeling is 20°, it is only at 10°.

Die Kränkung auf See.

Board Chorus

On Bermuda, we started a chorus where everyone who wanted could sing together. In the beginning, we sang a few warm-up songs and then we tried to sing the same note all together. After that, we sang our first song: „Vois sur ton Chemin“ – a French song which is nice to sing with people singing different choruses. Always when we have time, we try to practice the song as often as possible.

In addition at the next stop, on the Azores, the song was sung multiple times. The last six months we had a lot of creative ideas and made a lot of nice projects. All these are things we invented because we wanted to have something to avoid boredom from ever existing on this voyage.

Schüler*innen flechten sich in den Cabins die Haare.


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