Departure to our second Atlantic crossing

Datum: 25.03.2024
Nautische Position: 32°32‘,2 N, 063°13‘,6 W
Geographische Position: North Atlantic
Etmal: 75
Total: 9227
Schiff: Pelican of London


I know we already had a daily report talking about what happens on departure days, so I will just make it short.
All of us had to get up at 08:00 to help get food stores inside and then also got the trash on the quayside. After all was finished we took in the mooring lines and took off. We went out of the bay and set sails as soon as possible.

Seasickness returns

It was interesting not having many people out on deck right after lunch, everyone was in their beds feeling a bit seasick. We all know it too well. To be honest I think at one point of my watch from 12:30 to 16:00 we were all so caught by the seasickness and tiredness, we all, except Rosa on the helm, fell asleep. After watch we went to bed because for me and most others sleeping is the best thing you can do while seasick.

How are we feeling

With more or less one month to go, we already had some daily reports talking about being home, missing home and how we’re feeling going back. I wanted to know how we’re feeling thinking about our second crossing.

For myself: I’m hopeful to not get seasick apart from today and to have good wind and waves so that the crossing will be fun.

Greta: I’m actually a bit afraid because it’s the north atlantic and the waves are probably going to be quite high… right now I feel a bit seasick, but hopefully it will get better! And it’s crazy to imagine that after this crossing we will be at the Azores and then it’s only about two sailing-weeks left until we’re home…

Liane: I‘m excited for this 2nd crossing because I‘ve always wanted to sail across the North Atlantic. There‘s already more swell than what we‘ve had in a long time and I love this one moment where you don’t feel any gravity. It also means we are sailing home but it’s not the time to be sad yet 🙂

Julius: I‘m quite excited for this crossing, because the incredible swell and winds. We even saw some lightning in the evening at our 20:00 to 00:00 watch. And I think the best part of this journey is coming after the Azores: The handovers. Thinking about that the trip is going to end makes me feel sad, so I’m not thinking about it and just enjoy the rest of the trip.

P.S. Friedrich: Hallo, wir sind jetzt Tag 1 losgefahren, es ist etwas wellig, aber sonst geht es mir gut.

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