First day at the coffee farm

Date: 06.02.2024
Position: Don Eli coffee farm Costa Rica
Etmal: 0
Total: 5089 nm
Ship: Pelican of London

Rollercoaster for free

After a not very restful night for most of us in the large group tent, hammocks or outdoors, breakfast was served at 07:00. Afterwards we had free time until 09:00, were we all gathered again. There Carlos already warned us that the drive to the coffee plantation would be very bumpy and it turned out to be absolutely true.

In two groups we got on his truck and drove a short way to the coffee plantation. It was very funny because it went up and down and we all fell over each other and those who had to sit at the edge had to hold very tight to the others so they wouldn’t fall out.

Truckdriving in Costa Rica

Introduction to the concept of the farm

Having arrived at the plantation Carlos the owner introduced us to his work and to his coffee farm. The Don Eli coffee farm is located in the mountains of Tarrazu and produces coffee since three generations. Because Carlos noticed the consequences of using pesticides, he doesn’t use them on his farm. He thinks it’s very important to do Fair Trade and that’s why he pays his workers who come every year from Panama fairly and does the best he can for them.

Coffeefarmer Carlos

His coffee farm is also no monoculture because that can lead to infertile soil. Besides the coffee he also plants various things like bananas, oranges, avocados etc. The bananas for example provide the coffee plants with shadow, which is necessary for a long lasting taste.

Yellow or red picking

After lunch and a break we met again to go picking. We were separated in two person groups and could decide if we wanted to pick the red or yellow beans. One of us got a big basket in front of our stomach and we could start. We climbed trough the plants and picked listening to music.

OC against the locales

In the afternoon we drove to the local football place were we played three matches against a football team around our age. Sadly we were crushed but we still had a lot of fun and didn’t give up until the end. It was also very nice to do sports again and we were exhausted but happy afterwards.

Bonfire in the evening

The day ended with a bonfire, marshmallows and stick bread. We all sat around the fire where it was cozy warm and just enjoyed the fire and the food. It was a perfect ending for a very exciting day.

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