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First Day back at sea

Autor: Satan
Date: 31th of January 2020
Geografical position: On our way to Havanna
Nautical Position: 10°23.0 N/ 081°28.0 W
Etmal: 84nm

07:30 am- Cabin 11a

“It smells“, were the first words Satan was hearing on his first morning back at sea. When turning around, he saw blue. The bluecolor of his self-built curtain/towel. After he pushed it away, he could guess Ruben was standing in the middle of his cabin. Elster also said these nice words to wake up the entire cabin. After Bergziege made a nice comment on that statement, Elster asked if he should turn on the light. For that idea he got a few more nice comments. Without turning the light on Ruben left the cabin. Satan stod up, put some clothes on and had a short but very nice chat with Lauch about being quiet before leaving the cabin to get some breakfast.

Aufnahme vom 01.02. abends… damit sollte sich in Richtung Kuba arbeiten lassen

08:00 Poopdeck, behind the Wheelhouse, at the Helm

After Satan took over the helm from Wildcat and so the old duty watch got relieved, Satan asked Pumba if he could refresh their knowledge about buoiage. As the watch continued, Satan had a nice chat with Kávada about tatoos, dogs, floating houses and shanties.

Für alle, die wissen wollen, wer Satan ist… links Satan / Phil, rechts Johannes

12:45 Mess
The PA didn’t work, again. Therfore Satan wasn’t on time for dinner and could just eat what was left.

13:00 Welldeck
At the daily happy meeting the unicorn introduced the so called happy spray.

14:00 Mess
School. Dr. Doose told us why it is possible to sail almost against the wind. That’s possible because the air is faster at passing on the one side than on the other side of the sail and that creates a low pressure which sucks the sail towards it and therefore drags the boat foreward. The second lesson was Spanish. We learnt all about about hay, estar and ser. Yay!

Noch nicht direkt der Weg nach Kuba, aber Kapitän Ben wird wissen, was er tut

P.S.: Liebe Grüße an Anni (Günter), Liddle und Ali (Gartenzwerg) <3 einfch nur mal so…

Phil hat zu wenig Wörter, hihi ~ Emy

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