First Deep Clean and Free Shore Leave

Date: 24.10.2023
Location: Scheveningen Harbour, Netherlands
Distance Traveled: 27 nm (total distance)

Cleaning, cleaning, cleaning!

Right after breakfast, we started the day with the first deep clean of our beloved Queen of the Oceans. The watch teams had to clean various areas of the ship. At some point, we just started helping wherever it was needed.

A little bit of chaos

Alpha Watch began by cleaning the heads (toilets) and showers. It all started a bit chaotically because we couldn’t find the cleaning agents and towels at first and weren’t sure how to start. Finally, after a little while, we figured it out. Even though some of us were really shocked by how much hair and dirt can collect in the drain, we managed to complete the task.

It’s mopping time

At the same time, Bravo Watch was trying to clean the mess room, but they had some trouble getting everyone to move out so they could mop the floor. Finally, it was „mopping time“ (and yes, we had a good laugh about that quote from Thomas). Meanwhile, Charlie Watch was busy cleaning the deck. One thing is certain: they did a fantastic job, even if they did shower everyone who went out of the front door while cleaning the Poop Deck (the deck at the back of the ship). From our perspective, everyone did an excellent job, and we are very proud of ourselves!

First free shore leave in The Hague

After lunch, Thomas announced that we were going to have our first free shore leave today. We were all very excited to have the chance to explore The Hague on our own, and we left the ship full of anticipation. Some of us took the tram, while others decided to walk.


After our group (Joshua, Aurelius, Aurelia, Julius, and Adrian) took the tram into the city, we searched for something to eat. Right in front of us, we saw HFC (Halal Fried Chicken). We initially went in there until we spotted KFC about ten meters away. So we switched from HFC to KFC and got our food there. After that, we took the tram back and headed to the beach. The wind was perfect, the view was great, and you could see the sunshine through the clouds. With KIZ playing at full volume, it was absolutely amazing.

The results when you leave without a plan

Our group, including Jane, Mascha, Emma, and I (Darja), decided to walk and just follow our mood, which led us to discover the biggest sunglasses in the Netherlands (in our opinion). We also accidentally found what we would call a Thai Village, entered a Christmas paradise, and indulged in a lot of waffles.

The biggest sunglasses

It all started when we were heading to the beach. Suddenly, Emma spotted some big blue sunglasses standing randomly on the beach, and we fell in love with them. So, we all ended up taking a close look and some photos.

Waffles number One and a Thai Village

Then, out of nowhere, Jane came up with the idea of searching for some waffles since we all wanted a snack. Happy with our plan, we started walking toward the nearest waffle-serving restaurant. But just a few minutes later, we had to change direction because we saw a cozy-looking, tiny street that was magically attracting us. Suddenly, everything around us had something to do with Thailand, including Thai massages, restaurants, and flags. We still do not know why, but it did not bother us because we found some Stroopwafels there. Highly recommended!

Christmas paradise and waffles number Two

Fueled by our little snack, we continued walking. Right in front of our destination, OMA TOOS, we had to change our direction one last time due to a Christmas shop. We all wanted to see what was inside, so we ended up entering a Christmas paradise. If you need any kind of Christmas decoration, you will probably find it there. We all got really excited and got into the Christmas spirit, even though it is still October. Eventually, the anticipation of the waffles won, and we finally made it to OMA TOOS. After enjoying some delicious waffles, this time the classic ones, our group made its way

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