How is the situation on board?

Datum: 22.02.2024
Position: Colon, Panama
Etmal: 0
Total: 5089 nm
Schiff: Pelican of London

After we came back from our land program in Costa Rica our hope that everything was fine now was very high until we had to get off the ship two days later. Now we are back on board and you may wonder how we as a group of 39 people from Ocean College deal with this situation and how the mood is on Pelican.

What I recognised is a lot of patience and understanding of the situation but also a little bit of nerved faces. By now we were several time in a hotel which trained us as a group to believe in Pelican but also to keep our good group dynamic. But all in all there is less frustration than expected which is good for our life together on Pelican.

How are your feelings due to the situation of our journey and the Pelican?

Lou: Most of the time I play it down as something funny, I think most of us do, since we can’t really do anything about it anyway. But of course it sometimes does get to me, that if things wouldn’t have happened and everything would have gone by plan we wouldn’t have had to leave out this much.
And yes, it’s true we were able to see Marokko which for sure was amazing, but it still frustrates me from time to time. And then last Friday, when our galley got flooded and most of us had to work till the afternoon even though we were seasick the general mood got pretty heavy.

Ben: I’m pretty fine with the situation on board right now because I’m really happy that we are going to San Blas Islands (I’m so exited;!!), but no, I don’t feel bad or something, I’m just happy to be here and happy with the people who are on board right now.

Is Pelican our home?

What I questioned myself after the captain welcomed us back on board with the words: “ Welcome to your second home” was: “Is Pelican my second home or do I just feel comfortable on board?”

I have the feeling that Pelican is a place where I spent my time on with my friends and a lot of experiences. But for me it doesn’t feel like a real home. I have the feeling that the time in the hotels and the general period of time on land was too long and spreaded to really get into the ships routine (watches and cabins).

I feel comfortable on board but a lot of impact on that are my friends but the time we spent in hotels is missing to create a feeling of home. That is the feeling of a lot of us.

What happened today

Today was the first morning back on Pelican. We started as usual with the 8:45 morning meeting followed by some school. We all checked our school stuff from home and organised that for the following days at sea. After lunch time we went shopping.

In the time we were ashore, our laundry was being made. After we came back on board we recognised that laundry was missing so we went to shop some underwear and T-shirts with the OC Credit Card for the people that had nothing left to wear. That was quite a challenge because in the area we were there were not that many and especially good stores.

P.S.: Grüße nach Hause und nach Lund!! Hab‘ euch ganz dolle lieb und vermisse euch ❤️😘~ Leah

P.S.: Grüße nach Hannover! Jette, alles Gute zum Geburtstag. Ich wünsche Dir einen tollen Tag ❤️❤️ ~Nele

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